Isolation Rails

Custom Metal Design & Fabrication Since 2009

Why Are Isolation Rails Important?

At MCF, we recognize that isolation rails play an integral role when it comes to installing roof top equipment. The purpose of these rails is to combat vibration issues that may arise from roof top mechanical equipment. While it may not seem like a problem for the unit to shift, overlooking this step may lead to future complications.

When isolation rails are not installed, roof top HVAC units may begin to vibrate; emitting excessive noise throughout your building or home and adding an inconvenience to what could have been a simple extension to your roof curb.

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35 Years Experience

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Custom Design & Weld

We are able to custom weld, design and engineer isolation rails to reduce the noise and vibrations transmitted from your roof top mounted mechanical equipment.

Within each rail are springs that will absorb the movements and rattling noise that permeate throughout your entire structure.

Much like our HVAC roof curb adapters, the rails are capable of fitting any roof curb brand, HVAC unit, or air conditioning unit, while providing continuous support with a weather tight seal. Neither air nor water will find any openings to infiltrate, thus providing you with minimal maintenance and the reduced risk of soaked ceiling tiles, strains, or leaks.

An integral role for your roof top equipment.

MCF has recently added isolation rails to the product line. Please contact us for more information about the isolation rails we custom design to best meet your needs.