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Since its establishment in 2009, MCF has been recognized as a high quality metal fabrication shop throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, providing high quality products, competitive prices, and shorter lead times!


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We have completed many projects  throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, 


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Our state of the art technology ensures you receive exactly what you ordered.

Do you need to replace your outdated HVAC unit with a newer, more efficient one?
MCF will design and manufacture a custom roof curb adapter for you.

Depending on the size of your mechanical roof top unit, an equipment rail may be necessary We offer three different products – Straight Rails, Canted Rails, and Raised Canted Rails.

At MCF, we custom design and manufacture metal fabrications to meet our customers’ exact specifications.  We specialize in  MIG, MAG, TIG, and SMAW welding services.

High quality products & competitive prices, makes us the No.1 choice

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Latest Projects

Our goal is to better serve our customers by providing solutions to your HVAC roof curb adapter problems. We eliminate the hassle associated with contrasting roof curb and HVAC unit brands, saving you time and money.

By choosing MCF, you won’t have to worry about your order being shipped in by a common carrier, as no other manufacturers have local offices in the state of Maryland. From HVAC roof curb adapters to equipment stands, isolation rails, MCF has the technology and welding expertise to provide you with high quality products that meet your needs. We can fabricate projects whether they are big or small.

Why Choose MCF?

Our goal is to provide exceptional customer service from quote to delivery, to ensure our customer’s complete satisfaction.
Here are just some of the responses we have received from our past customers.

Their superior craftsmanship left me overly satisfied with the work they had done. They were more concerned with doing the job right than simply finishing it

George Link
Link Interstate Services

Their ability to price and fabricate jobs quickly is extremely impressive and we are always happy with the end result..

Brian O'Neill
Ferguson Heating & Cooling

What We Do.

Our company designs and manufactures custom metal fabrications for all applications. We specialize in roof curbs, HVAC roof curb adapters, fan curbs, equipment stands, isolation rails, and all types of custom welding.

Roof curbs are raised metal frames designed for mounting structures safely to your roof, also preventing prenetration from unwanted water.
Roof curb adapters bridge the gap between your existing roof curb and your new HVAC unit, ensuring they match up perfectly.
Fan curbs play an important role in the ventilation and cooling of your roof top mechanical equipment.
Equipment stands function as additional support for your unit after it is placed on the roof curb.

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