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AC unit cagehomeAC unit cageAt Maryland Curb & Fabrication, we understand that homeowners equally want to protect their air conditioning units in the same way that larger corporations do with commercial HVAC cages.

With the sudden rise in Copper theft, security cages have become essential in guarding your air conditioning unit from being damaged or stolen. Every air conditioning unit contains the component Copper, making those left unprotected an easy target for someone to damage the unit and take the Copper from within it.

There are many factors that play into the rise in metal theft; many associated with the turn in the economy and high unemployment rates. As the demand for scrap metal increases, it has become that much more important for you to protect your unit and our residential security cage is the solution.

Our steel security cages are custom designed to fit the size and brand of your AC unit, while ensuring its protection from being damaged or stolen. Whether your unit lays horizontal on your roof or ground or vertical on the side of your home, we can adapt our cages around it. Our designs allow for efficient air circulation and can be accessible by you, if maintenance is required.

Learn more about security cages or contact Maryland Curb and Fabrication for an air conditioning unit security cage quote.


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