Security Cage FAQs

What is a security cage? A security cage is a fabricated metal cage that protects your mechanical equipment, specifically HVAC units. We offer both residential and commercial cages.

What is a residential cage? A residential security cage is a cage built for customers with heat pump or air conditioning units outside of their homes.

What is a commercial cage? A commercial security cage is a cage built for rooftop HVAC units.

Why should I purchase a security cage? Within every heat pump or air conditioning unit is the component Copper, and with the recent rise in "Copper theft," purchasing a security cage can save you thousands of dollars from damaged or stolen units. You can lessen the chance of becoming a victim of theft and save money, as the cost of replacement is much higher than the cost of protection.

How many styles of security cages are there to choose from? We are able to custom design and weld a security cage to fit the size and brand of your current unit.

How do I know what size cage to order? We ask that you fill out an Order Form, which will allow you to input the dimensions of your current equipment, along with any additional information that we should know when constructing the cage.

What material do you use to make the cages? We use expanded metal, Angle iron, and fasteners, depending on the application.

Are the cages accessible for maintenance? Absolutely. However, customers must supply their own locking mechanism. Typically, the "hockey puck" style is used with security cages.

What type of maintenance do security cages require? Our cages are painted with a DTM (Direct to Metal) paint that slows the corrosion process of the metal. Depending on the environment, this painting may have to be applied periodically. The life of a cage also depends on the environment, but typically out-last the unit.

How are security cages secured to the ground or roof? Commercial security cages located on the roof are secured to the curb with fasteners. Residential security cages located on the ground are anchored to a slab or the wall.

Do you guarantee my unit will not be damaged? Purchasing a security cage does not 100% guarantee your unit will not be damaged. The purpose of these cages is to show others that it will be difficult to damage or steal the equipment inside them, in hopes they will continue their search for other units that are unguarded.

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