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 Companies with roof top HVAC units are no exception when it comes to Copper theft. If left unprotected, thieves are more likely to steal Copper coils from commercial HVAC units, as they are larger and usually have more Copper in them. Remaining proactive is very important when it comes to securing your roof top units and a necessary mentality to have during the installation process. The expenses to fix the damage done to your unit far exceed that of purchasing a commercial HVAC security cage as a precaution.

When you choose Maryland Curb & Fabrication, you will receive a security cage customized to the size, shape, and brand of your new HVAC unit. Like our residential air conditioning unit cages, we are able to adapt every cage to fit the location of your unit, whether it is horizontal or vertical. Our design will allow for efficient air circulation and accessibility if maintenance is required.

Copper theft is considered one of the fastest growing crimes, with scrap metal theft expected to continue rising. By anticipating unfavorable elements and protecting your company from them, you can assure your mechanical equipment is always safe.

Contact Maryland Curb today for more informaton on how we can protect your HVAC unit with a commercial HVAC security cage.

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