Equipment Rails

equipment railsDepending on the size of your mechanical roof top unit, an equipment rail may be necessary. These rails function as additional support for your unit after it is placed on the roof curb. If your unit extends over the curb more than one third of the total length, you will need to purchase equipment rails.

We offer three different products – Straight Rails, Canted Rails, and Raised Canted Rails.

There are a number of different factors we will take into consideration when choosing which product is best suited for your needs. In addition to Engineer drawings, it is important that our fabricators know the pitch of your roof as well as its material in order to create your customized design. The size of the unit and the weight that the equipment rails will need to support are also key elements we will need to know. This information will help us assist you in choosing the type of rails you will need, ensuring that our products will withstand the weight of your HVAC unit.                                                                     

Standard Construction FeaturesHVAC Equipment Rails
  • 18 Gauge Galvanized
  • Fully Welded Construction
  • 1.5" 3Lb. Density Insulation      
Optional Features 
  • Wood Nailer

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Equipment Rails

equipment rails

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