HVAC Roof Curb Adapters

roof curb adapterDo you need to replace your outdated HVAC unit with a newer, more efficient one?

If you aren't careful, your new unit won't match your existing roof curb. Or curb could be wrong to so please check our specs. But rather than spending more money to also remove the roof curb, Maryland Curb will design and manufacture a custom roof curb adapter for you.

Roof curb adapters bridge the gap between your existing roof curb and your new HVAC unit, ensuring they match up perfectly. Using the latest technology, we are able to customize roof curb adapters to fit any brand, size, or weight of HVAC equipment, no matter if it is a 3 ton unit or a 110 ton unit.

You simply set the new unit on the roof curb adapter and your equipment will function as it should.

With our custom designs, the installation of your new rooftop equipment takes hours, not days, as compared to our competitors. By shortening the amount of time required to install your new HVAC unit, it greatly reduces down time and employee and customer inconveniences.

Our roof curb adapters feature 16 gauge steel, fully welded one-piece construction and painted welds. With our products, there is no field assembly required. This allows for easy installation, quick turnaround times, and a fast delivery to our customers. Prior to delivery, every roof curb adapter receives a final quality insurance inspection, to prove its durability and that it meets all regulations.


We offer a one year warranty for all of our roof curb products.

Interested in purchasing custom HVAC roof curb adapters? Please fill out our Quote Form with as much information as possible and a sales representative will contact you shortly.


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