Fan Curbs

Fan curbs play an important role in the ventilation and cooling of your roof top mechanical equipment. Its simplistic design has but one opening, allowing air to move in one direction to increase fresh air circulation.

Proper ventilation is necessary for cooling off your roof, extending its material life and the premature wear of your equipment. Our customized fan curbs will support your HVAC units in order to operate a more energy efficient system.

We offer three different types of flat fan roof curbs for our customers – Straight Curbs, Canted Curbs, and Raised Canted Curbs.

The same precision and care goes into fabricating fan curbs as with all our other roof curb products. Engineer drawings with the proper dimensions will allow us to help you choose which type will fit your needs more efficiently. 

fan curbs

Standard Construction Features

  • 2" Flange Out
  • 18 Gauge Galvanized
  • Fully Welded Construction
  • 1.5" 3Lb. Density Insulation       

Optional Features

  • Damper Tray
  • Wood Nailer
  • Internal Metal Liner (24 Gauge)                     


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